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Workbook and Answerbook 

(per ASME Y14.5M-1994)

James D. Meadows
March, 1997 / 340 pages, illustrated / $

ISBN: 0-8247-0076-7


The Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing: Workbook and Answerbook offers a host of effective examples that utilize the concepts discussed in the reference/text - covering all facets of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, measurement, inspection, and gaging applicable in any on-the-job situation.


The Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing  Workbook and Answerbook consists of 340 pages of questions to be answered and illustrations of assemblies and piece parts to dimension and tolerance.  These examples represent a wide variety of problems encountered by the author while consulting for hundreds of companies and facilities over the last two decades.  Participants are given the opportunity to solve both simple and complex problems pertaining to the dimensioning and tolerancing of 'real world' products.  Once the problems are completed, participants can compare their answers with those shown in the 'Answerbook' portion of the book. 

The chapters of this workbook are coordinated with the hardcover textbook of the same name.  This workbook compliments the textbook by giving the reader practice in applying dimensioning and tolerancing techniques to real products and will more easily allow them to take the lessons learned and apply them to their own product lines with confidence and competence.


The Workbook/Answerbook and the reference/text companion pieces are by far the most comprehensive tools of their kind available in the field of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing - focusing on complex assembly conditions, realistic problems, and solutions!


Following the reference/text chapter by chapter and treating current needs as well as future trends in manufacturing techniques, software, and equipment, Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing: Workbook and Answerbook:

  • Speeds your learning and provides invaluable support

  • Supplies a wide variety of real problems and detailed explanations of answers

  • Presents timely, highly technical solutions in an easy-to-understand manner

  • Encompasses all aspects of industry

  • Complies with the latest American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards

  • Facilitates the proper application and interpretation of design drawing geometric tolerancing requirements

  • and much more!

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