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Applications-Based GD&T DVD Training Series I

(per ASME Y14.5M-1994)

James D. Meadows

Complete Set:  $2,495.00


• Work with the course participants as they are taught the logic and analytical reasoning behind choosing the best controls, the best datums and the correct geometric tolerances.

• Course participants are encouraged to reason out the optimal approach for each assembly situation presented.
• Part after part, assemblies are actually toleranced from beginning to end with the course participants displaying the logic and knowledge they develop as the tapes progress.
• Every principle and concept is applied to actual complex assembly conditions.
• Uses a logical, focused methodology that reinforces your grasp of GD&T.

• Covers all the basic and advanced GD&T principles, concepts and symbology.
•James D. Meadows will lead you through a logical, step-by-step progression of geometric part definition, assembly analysis and the procedural requirements for manufacturing and inspection.
• Can be used for classroom instruction or individual study. You can learn at your own pace, at your work site or at home, and replay any portion of the DVDs at your leisure. A ‘must have’ reference tool for design, manufacturing or quality personnel.


"The Most Comprehensive Application-Based 

GD&T Training Program Available Today!" 


Complete Applications-Based GD&T DVD Training Series includes:


(12) DVDs - individually packaged and in a labeled box for easy storage and identification (DVDs not sold individually).  Click each for details:

  Lesson 1) The Major Principles
  Lesson 2) Tolerancing Mating Parts in a Rotating Assembly
  Lesson 3) Direct vs. Indirect Datum Structures
  Lesson 4) The Basics of Symbology
  Lesson 5) Allowed vs. Actual Deviation from True Position:  Bonus Tolerancing and Virtual Condition Boundaries
  Lesson 6) Profile, Flexible Parts and Datum Targets
  Lesson 7) Tolerancing Fixed Fastener Assemblies and Calculating Boundaries
  Lesson 8) Tolerancing Floating Fastener Assemblies With Two Single Segment Positional  Controls
  Lesson 9) Tolerancing Complex Assemblies with Multi-Level Geometric Controls and Varying Datum Structures
  Lesson 10) Composite vs. Two Single Segment Controls for Position and Profile
  Lesson 11) Converting from Plus And Minus To Composite Position and Wall Thickness Calculations
  Lesson 12) Complex Tolerancing Using Various Datum Structures


(1) Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing: Applications and Techniques for Use in Design, Manufacturing and Inspection Text (a 625-page hard cover text by James D. Meadows, based on ASME Y14.5-1994); Published 1995 by CRC Press, New York, NY; ISBN: 0-8247-9309-9 (800) 272-7737, CRC Press


(1) Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing: Workbook and Answerbook: (a 350-page soft cover workbook/ answerbook that corresponds to the text referenced above--with some of the most complex, realistic products and assemblies ever shown) --by James D. Meadows; Published 1996 by CRC Press, NY, NY  ISBN: 0-8247-0076-7


Price is for individual use or classroom setting only and does not apply for network servers.
Call for pricing for site licensing and multiple series purchase.



Your Introduction to GD&T on multimedia Computer-Based Training.


We can send you a 30 minute Introductory DVD which will provide an overview of, and introduction to,  the complex design discipline of GD&T.  


The Introductory material also introduces your instructor, Jim Meadows (a nationally/internationally recognized "expert" on the topic and an ASME Y14.5.2 Certified Senior Level GD&T Professional),  the workshop materials, the Y14 and B89 standards to be discussed, and the logic behind the applications-based approach that is used in the training sessions.   It includes actual excerpts from several of the 12 sessions.


This is an excellent introduction to GD&T for upper management.


One should experience no difficulty when playing DVDs on Windows Media Player, a free download from the Microsoft web site.

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