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Differences and Similarities between ASME and ISO Dimensioning and Tolerancing Standards

2006 English Edition

James D. Meadows
80 pages, illustrated / $49.00

ISBN: 0-9714401-3-1

With the corporations of the world becoming so diverse in ownership, many are searching for guidance as to which standards to use.  Are ISO and ASME standards equal...or is one better than the other?


This book compares the most important differences and similarities between the ASME Y14.5M-1994 dimensioning and tolerancing standard and ISO standards and technical reports on dimensioning and tolerancing practices.  Unlike other products similar to this on the market, all references in this book from ISO and ASME standards are absolutely up to date as of October 2006.  Since many of the most important ISO documents used in the writing of this text were issued in 2004 or later, don’t make the mistake of purchasing out-of-date booklets on this topic. 


Included within this book are references from 16 different ISO and ASME standards and technical reports and two texts written by James D. Meadows that relate to dimensioning and tolerancing symbology, terms, definitions and practices. 


Every section lists the appropriate ISO and ASME standards from which the information was drawn.  Readers will not only have an immediate knowledge of the technical comparison between practices of ISO and ASME but also where to go (standard or technical report number) to seek further information.  The comparisons are easy to follow and fully explained through written text and pictorial illustrations.


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