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Are your customers turning to other companies because of price or quality?

...are your scrap rates high?  

...are you able to make product deliveries on time and within budget?  

...have you lost market share to a cheaper competitor? 


Have you had GDT training but are not 

satisfied with the results of your drawings?


Does your staff have too many disagreements as to the 

meaning or requirements of some of the GD&T controls?


Does your staff need assistance in adapting GD&T to 

your products and the way you manufacture them?


Engineering Services

... for all industries 

... for all government agencies/facilities

We can help you

... maximize profitability

... stop accepting non-functional parts 

... stop rejecting fully functional parts

... make better quality products

... obtain larger market potential

...save possibly $$$ millions by reducing

      1)   Constantly reoccurring drawing changes  

      2)   Unusable parts  

      3)   Litigation with suppliers or client companies  

      4)   Product development time - beginning with the design stage through manufacture


Together we can       

      1)   Refine drawings to reflect correct ANSI/ASME Y14.5 & Y14.43 documentation  

      2)   Solve urgent design/production problems


by allowing James D. Meadows to:

      1)   Go over your drawings and complete or correct all geometric dimensioning and tolerancing  

      2)   Design, dimension and tolerance your gages and fixtures  

      3)   Complete and/or correct your gage and/or fixture design drawings/models.

Professionals with an area of expertise that is not in geometric dimensioning and tolerancing will follow a bad example as readily as they will follow a good one.  We can cleanse your company of all bad examples of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing and replace them with correct examples on which your employees can model future projects.  Unless your employees dimension and tolerance products, gages and fixtures every day, they are not experts in this discipline.  They either need GDT training or you will need to let a GD&T professional do the work.


James D. Meadows can do in a few days what it would take others months to accomplish because he has dealt with these problems every day for the last 25 years.  It is what he does.  It is all he does.  Therefore, he does it better and faster. He can save your organization a lot of time and money.  Get on the road to improving the quality of your product definitions and gage/fixture designs today!  James D. Meadows can turn a vague or ambiguous design specification into a detailed, legally-defensible drawing requirement.


We provide:  

1) Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing of products [in compliance with current 

     ANSI/ASME/ISO national and international standards]  

     a) from conception  

     b) to complete and/or correct existing drawings


2) Design and geometric dimensioning and tolerancing of gages and fixtures 

     a) from conception  

     b) to complete and/or correct gage and/or fixture design drawings and models


3) Interpretation of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing drawings for customers or suppliers


4) Engineering support including training [from your "Engineering Services" budgets vs. Training budgets]


Call us to discuss pricing and availability at (615) 924-3600.  

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